Bob Ross The Joy Of Cereal

Posted: April 16, 2019
Bob Ross The Joy Of Cereal
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Now here are some happy little trees that are going to give me a happy little belly, 'cause the carefree plant life in this box of Bob Ross The Joy Of Cereal isn't made of oil paint, it's made of marshmallow! Mmmm, I'm thinking eating some Bob Ross The Joy Of Cereal is going to go as well with smoking a big fat joint on the couch as watching Bob Ross The Joy of Painting does.

While I'm not sure the joyous and generous Bob Ross would approve of charging $9.99 for a box of cereal (and that's on sale from $12.99!) I hope he'd be flattered that his celebrity has made it all the way to a Lucky Charms-style interpretation of his life. The nondescript toasted oat shapes in Bob Ross The Joy Of Cereal are accompanied by 7 different Rossian marshmallows. In addition to the happy little trees, you'll find happy little accidents, almighty mountains, guiding stars, rainbow hearts, charming little cabins, and lovely little bushes.

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