Chazz Genitalia-Flavored Kettle Chips

Posted: February 19, 2023
Chazz Genitalia-Flavored Kettle Chips
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You dudes and ladies gotten a load - or a whiff - of Chazz Genitalia-Flavored Kettle Chips yet? They're available in both D*ck and Pus*y flavors, but (oddly? obviously?) not a mixed bag of both. And though you probably already know how at least one of them tastes, I will provide you with Lithuanian brand Chazz's description anyway:

"Regarding the TASTE: the taste of both Pus*y and D*ck chips is extremely good, and many who have tasted them will like them."

So there you have it, whether you want to stuff your face with a male or female crotch while watching this week's episode of The Last of Us, you'll enjoy an extremely good crotchal flavor that you will like very much. Probably. Presuming you're one of the many.

Chazz Genitalia-Flavored Kettle Chips are pricey and come with extended ship times to the US, but if you need the best and most unique gag gift for an upcoming birthday party, bachelor / bachelorette party, or Tuesday night dinner with your stuck up Aunt Jan, D*ck and Pus*y Kettle Chips are here for the taking. And, in the case of Aunt Jan, the taking of her oral virginity.

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