Chocolate Zombie Bunny

Posted: April 08, 2014
Chocolate Zombie Bunny
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The Chocolate Zombie Bunny is what happens when you make an April Fool's Joke that sends all the little zombies into a frenzy of Easter basket demands, and then off on a killing spree when they discover the punchline. That is, the Chocolate Zombie Bunny is what happens when, to avoid similar bloodshed and brain consumption this Easter, you turn the joke into a real live...but not alive...and also undead...white chocolate rabbit with that telltale green tint and a stream of blood pouring from its nose.

Another ThinkGeek prank turned product, this Chocolate Zombie Bunny had the misfortune of contracting the dreaded Hopping Dead virus. On the bright side, rather than turning his insides to viscous, fetid goo that craves human organs, it hardened them into delicious white chocolate that will probably just contribute to coronary heart disease. The 8-ounce bunnies are particularly happy to make basket appearances and partake in Easter celebrations as they feel their shared experiences rising from the dead give them a special bond with Jesus.

If they can realize choco-zombie rabbits, ThinkGeek has my vote for doing the same with Minecraft Marshmallow Creeps.

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