Dinner with Lecter

Posted: July 15, 2014
Dinner with Lecter
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To this day I shudder every time I hear "American Girl" because it reminds me of being creeped the F out by Silence of the Lambs in my most formative years. Hannibal Lecter wasn't even so bad. It was that Buffalo Bill dude who made the body suit out of human skin. I wouldn't even pop and peel off blister for months after my first viewing. Today though, I'm a Man. And as such, I think I'd have the stomach...er, the figurative stomach...to enjoy Dinner with Lecter.

If you would like to eat a plate of liver--from non-homo sapiens only, please--with some fava beans and a nice Chianti, here is your chance to "indulge in the distinguished diet of a cannibalistic psychopath." The Dinner with Lecter wooden box includes: a 50g serving of dried organic British-grown Fava beans (because sick and twisted convicted murderers prefer buying local and pesticide-free too); a 50cl bottle of 2012 Italian Chianti; a cotton napkin with the letter "H" embroidered in red; and a fork.

Firebox does acknowledge that in the Silence of the Lambs novel, Hannibal enjoys his man's liver with a "big Amarone". However, they believe the film's switch to "a nice Chianti" is more poetic. I bet Amarone is also too expensive to source for novelty gift boxes.

Dinner with Lecter is a top Dude Novelty Gift pick.

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