incrEDIBLE Edible Spoons

Posted: December 21, 2020
incrEDIBLE Edible Spoons
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I'm eating everything in sight! Including the spoons! Must be the holidays.

Either that or incrEDIBLE Edible Spoons. Made as a sustainable, fun, and tasty (well, that last part is probably debatable) alternative to disposable plastic utensils, incrEDIBLE Edible Spoons come in 4 flavors that invite you to either chomp down after shoveling in, or toss them in the compost along with your food scraps.

The eco-friendly Chocolate, Vanilla, Black Pepper, and Oregano Chili spoons are built to hold their structure for around 30 minutes of eating "extreme" foods - ice cream on the cold end, soup on the hot - and longer for room temperature treats. They are made with a base of wheat, oat, corn, chickpea, and barley, and have minimal sweeteners added to make sure your food still tastes stronger than your utensil.

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