Liquor-Laden Marshmallows

Posted: November 25, 2012
Maker's Mark Marshmallows
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The marshmallows are termed "Wondermade" because they're purportedly derived from "100% sweet, magic air." Very nice. However, as much as I like things that are sweet and magic, if I am to dole out $7.50 for them, they better also get me drunk. Or at least imbue the flavor-packed illusion that inebriation is forthcoming, as do the essences of bourbon and Irish stout in Wondermade's Maker's Mark- and Guinness-infused marshmallows. Each 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" nifty striped and hot-air-balloon-stamped box contains 16, 1" x 1" sugar pillows arranged in a tidy grid and sealed for freshness and aesthetic perfection.

Wondermade Marshmallows shun high fructose corn syrup like a redheaded stepchild in favor of cane sugar, which the company points out makes their product even more special and heavenly-tasting than other marshmallows due to its pureness and virility. The Maker's Mark variety smacks of sweet-bodied bourbon and gives off a warm aroma. Guinness Marshmallows are individually injected with the single stout, along with Penzey's vanilla extract, and then rolled in crushed pretzels to solidify their status as drug users' new crack.

Teetotalers, you're in luck too. Wondermade also makes marshmallow goodie boxes for holiday and hostess gifts in non-alcoholic flavors, including Pumpkin Pie, S'Mores, Peppermint, and Honey Pear.

And harder core imbibers of liqour, how about pairing some boozy marshmallows with a little Apple Pie Moonshine?

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