Pickle Juice Sport Drink

Posted: June 02, 2016
Pickle Juice Sport Drink
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Don't worry. No cucumbers are harmed in the making of Pickle Juice. This briny sports drink is simply packed with pickling ingredients and flavors, plus a few other functional vitamins and minerals, that its creators say will: 1) stop and prevent muscle cramps in athletes; and 2) replenish electrolytes lost while playing sports and during heavy workouts.

Even though I've never heard of Pickle Juice outside of kosher dills, whiskey shots with picklebacks, and dares that lead to long nights on the toilet, I was surprised to read that Pickle Juice as a sport drink has been around since 2001. The natural formula pictured here contains no artificial additives. Ingredients are purified water, vinegar, salt, natural dill flavor, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Together, these performance powerhouses provide 10 times more electrolytes than most sports drinks. But do you really need 10 times more electrolytes than most sports drinks?

If you're not a professional or a marathoner or an American Ninja Warrior, probably not. But if you're looking to replace some lost minerals or ease sore muscles after a super sweaty hot yoga session or particularly grueling workout, you might prefer Pickle Juice to some of its electrolyte-rich peers. For example, it has significantly less sugar and fewer calories than Gatorade--zero and zero, respectively--and if you gag at the sweet, tongue-coating tropicality of coconut water, Pickle Juice steps in with a salty, tangy flavor.

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