Premium Root Beer Variety Pack

Posted: July 10, 2020
Premium Root Beer Variety Pack
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They got any Fitz's in there? I'm not even joking when I say I'd be happier to get a Premium Root Beer Variety Pack than a Premium Beer Variety Pack. It's way harder to find a satisfying array of this fine soda at the grocery stores and quickie marts than it is craft brews. Everyone's got shelves upon shelves of those, while my sassy sassafras or sarsaparilla sodie gets relegated to A&W or whatever the Coca-Cola and Pepsi Companies have bought up. Barq's? Mug? Meh.

Like beer, but unlike cola in my opinion, root beer tastes vastly different across labels and brands. I love the kinds with especially herbaceous bites, the ones that taste like they came straight out of the apothecary to cure all my life's ailments and grievances. Even though at their root, they're still just a tall glass of sugar.

The Premium Root Beer Variety Pack shown here includes 12 selections, all different takes on root beer, sarsaparilla, and birch beer. The latter is made from birch sap and the boiled roots and bark of the tree. Birch is often an ingredient in root beer, but true birch beer has no other tree parts cooked into it.

Thanks for your interest in the Premium Root Beer Variety Pack, and for subscribing to Alternative Soda Fun Facts! One more to send you on your way: don't forget root beer's highest and best use, inside a Float Buddy.

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