Pringles Premium Black Truffle

Posted: September 03, 2022
Pringles Premium Black Truffle
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Gather 'round, culinarians, as elegant meets elegant-er in these black-truffle-seasoned Pringles. Another unique Japanese twist on an otherwise All-American product (see also: Kit Kat Bars) Pringles Premium Black Truffle have actual ground black truffle dust sprinkled by the Truffle Fairy* all over each saddle-shaped chip in the tube.

While Pringles Premium Black Truffle is a flavor exclusive to Japan, you can pay an exorbitant amount of money to Japan Trend Shop to get 3 cans of your own shipped to the US if you're a truffle whore, or a Pringles whore, or just a whore of trying new foodie things. Orrr you could just buy a can of plain Pringles and sprinkle some black truffle salt, easily obtained and relatively inexpensive from Amazon, on them yourself.

Even better, spread the Pringles out on a baking sheet, add some fava beans, truffle goat cheese, and chives on top along with the truffle salt, bake at 350 for 10 to 12 minutes, and serve up some Pringles Premium Black Truffle Nachos at your next dinner party. Don't forget to record the process and post on TikTok to become the next viral recipe, and earn a sponsorship from Pringles!

No, wait. Don't do that. None of you dudes and ladies do that! I'm going to do it. I'm going to become the Great TikTok Pringles Hacker, and black truffle Pringles are going to be Great TikTok Pringles Hack #1!

*Guess it would be more like the Fairy Truffle Pig in this case?

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