Punch in the Nuts Snack Mix

Posted: September 15, 2017
Punch in the Nuts Snack Mix
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Mmmmm, nothing hits the spot like a Punch in the Nuts. This Punch in the Nuts Snack Mix listing includes 6 nut-punching bags filled with cashews, peanuts, chocolate bits, and raisins. Get ready to whack your taste buds with flavor and wallop your palate with crunch and chew.

Or just get ready to score a gift for a man that's as funny as it is tasty. Really, it's all in the packaging here (which the snack mixes nailed. Right in the nuts.) The nuts and combinations themselves are standard fare. Two bags of Awesome Party Mix, a gut-pleasing mashup of the above ingredients. Two bags of Spicy Bro Mix, a "spicy zesty trail mix" that's probably the above ingredients with a dusting of paprika and cayenne on them. And two bags of Happy Hour Mix, all spicy peanuts that take out on your mouth what they spare doing to your groin.

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