South Chicago Packing Wagyu Beef Tallow

Posted: November 30, 2021
South Chicago Packing Wagyu Beef Tallow
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"You packing, Dude?" Yeah, I'm packing. Packing beef. South Chicago Packing style. "Ooh, nice. Black Angus?" Naw, dude. 100% pure Wagyu.


A fine foodie gift for the holiday season, South Chicago Packing's Wagyu Beef Tallow is a 42-ounce can of meat butter primed - and Grade A Prime - for sauteing, searing, cooking, and possibly sneaking a spoonful of when no one's looking just to, like, see if it tastes good on a cracker. According to South Chicago Packing, the Wagyu Beef Tallow comes from pasture-raised, sustainably and humanely sourced cows. It is naturally balanced with Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, and contains no artificial trans fats or partially hydrogenated oils.

They also say their Wagyu Beef Tallow is paleo- and keto-friendly, and Whole30 approved. So, if it does taste good on a cracker, you can eat it all through the holidays, and then keep on eating it after your New Year's diet kicks in on January 2nd.

Minus the cracker, of course.

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