BetaLock Locking Carabiner

Posted: August 30, 2023
BetaLock Locking Carabiner
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If you carabiner 'bout your stuff, you BetaLock it up. The BetaLock is a locking carabiner that combines two valued members of your EDC and travel kits into one. Made by Matador, a company that recently won my heart with their Refillable Travel Toothpaste Tubes, the BetaLock works as both a standard carabiner with spring gate, and a deadbolt-style keyed lock that deters grab-and-go theft of small items you want to attach to larger ones. Think helmet to bike. Keys to pack. Sneaks to gym bag. Beer stein to belt loop.

The BetaLock body is made from a lightweight aircraft grade aluminum and a TSA-compliant stainless steel and plated zinc lock. It comes in Metal, Matte Black, Gold, Shadow Green, and Orchid colors, all with an anodized finish, and includes 2 keys for the lock. Carabiner dimensions are 3.7" x 2.5" x 0.47".

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