AxisGO iPhone X Waterproof Photo & Video Case

Posted: December 06, 2018
AxisGO iPhone X Waterproof Photo & Video Case

The AxisGO case for iPhone X is designed for total, super seafoam green! (or boring black) freedom in using your phone's camera underwater and in harsh weather conditions. The AxisGO seals phones inside its hard waterproof shell for image and video capture at depths down to 33'. In addition, the clear panel along the back of the case transfers full touchscreen sensitivity, so you can still share your stunning visuals instantly. Because being in the middle of a snorkeling excursion in Kauai is no reason to leave your followers hanging.

AxisGO also maintains the ability to use your iPhone's native camera app, with access to both front and rear facing cameras.

If you have an iPhone 7+/8+ instead of the X, you can still get one of the waterproof cases for it. AxisGO here to check it out.

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