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Posted: July 27, 2013
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If I were to stumble upon, say, a honey badger battling a cobra, or a monkey washing a cat, I wonder how close I would be able to sneak before disrupting the event and getting myself killed. Probably not close enough to satisfy my curiosities. And since I agree with the bright and whimsical line of stick figure attire that Life Is Good, I would prefer to have a pair of recording binoculars with me than risk death by venom, biting, clawing, gouging, or sodomy. Those monkeys can't be trusted, you know! The DEV-50 digital recording binoculars, Sony's latest capturers of proof you saw that, film all of your unbelievable experiences as By Pixel Super Resolution stills, Double Full HD videos, or 3D movies.

The super strength second set of eyes arrive weatherproofed and equipped with autofocus for following fast-moving action, as well as a zoom range of 0.8x to 25x. A high res, high OLED finder returns crisp images in all lighting conditions, which will make it way more fruitful to spy on naked peoplereadnakedgirls. The binoculars' HDMI terminal also allows for instant, gloriously full HD viewing of your pirated booty. As it were.

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