Instacube - Real-Time Instagram Photo Frame

Posted: October 25, 2014
Instacube - Instant Instagram Photo Frame

One piece of advice to Instacube users: don't drink & stream. While the real-time digital display frame does make it easy to share photos of the grandkids with family or schmoopy, pathetic shots of you pining for your girlfriend away on a business trip to St. Louis for the entire month, tequila + Instagram + Instacube = late night selfies of the Sharpie artwork you drew on your junk and a make-out session in a men's bathroom stall with a flight attendant on layover. (Note: Flight attendants on layover are often game for and really good at this.)

Connected via WiFi to your Instagram account, Instacube wirelessly and continuously streams your feed, and updates instantly with new photos as you snap and add them. The cube's 6-1/2" touchscreen functions remote- and button-free. It turns on with a tap of a tactile power button, plus has menu and "heart" buttons for scrolling through and Liking photos straight from the device. In addition to keeping in touch, the Instacube makes a swell portable companion to parties, weddings, and holidays where people would otherwise be hovering over a smartphone screen and squinting to see the bomb diggity Cap'n Crunch Mac 'n' Cheese I was going to bring before I dropped it down the front porch stairs.

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