Nixie Flying Wearable Camera

Posted: January 10, 2016

The Nixie may be a ways from reality--and your wrist--but its live demo debut at CES 2016 proves it's a lot more than a few mockup drawings and some dude's dream (or, in this case, a dude and a dudette). The wearable flying camera is a quadcopter in design, with 4 long arms that fold over your wrist for easy storage, and then even easier access. When released with a gesture, the Nixie takes off, takes its photo or video, and then flies right back to its huggable launchpad.

Creators Christoph Kohstall and Jelena Jovanovic are developing the camera for people who want to take a selfie from farther away than arm's (or selfie stick's) reach. The Nixie could be a cool companion for outdoors adventurers, extreme sport tricksters, or just your average kid obsessed with the latest gadgets and posting to Instagram. Kohstall and Jovanovic are looking for people to help them perfect the quadcopter's built-in camera, which rotates 180 degrees open and closed from the device's base. It also looks like their working prototype needs a round or two of downsizing from its current chunky state to make wearing it a little less cumbersome.

If you'd like to track the Nixie's progress, or join the building team, follow the link below to sign up for news or contact Kohstall and Jovanovic.

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