Smartphone Mobile Mini Dome for Over/Underwater Photos

Posted: February 25, 2022
$45 - $49
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Photographs over water. Photographs underwater. And photographs over-underwater, also known as split photos, also known as catching the moment your kid - or your grandma - breaks the surface of the pool doing their first dive. The Mobile Mini Dome for smartphones is a waterproof case with a compact dome designed to let you snap "amazing" photos and videos over and underwater.

Developed by SJPRO, the Mobile Mini Dome is made for consumers and recreational photographers (i.e., cats trying to build or nurture an Instagram following) who don't want to buy an expensive camera and clunky apparatus to increase the scope of their snapshot capabilities. The Mobile Mini Dome enhances the camera you already have on your smartphone, and should be compatible with any brand of smartphone up to 7" in size.

The Mobile Mini Dome doesn't require an app or service to use, it's simply a piece of hardware that snaps over your smartphone and secures with a trio of clips. Once in place, you'll use your normal camera app to shoot photos, with full access to your touchscreen both above and below water.

SJPRO's waterproof photo dome is rated for safe use up to 6m (about 19.5') underwater.

The Mobile Mini Dome is up for backing here on Kickstarter through March 15, 2022. Backers of the over-underwater smartphone case will also receive the pictured yellow handle, but can add any standard universal sports handle to their setup for easier grip and maneuverability in the water.

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