Aquarium Computers

Posted: July 11, 2012
AquariusPC - Miami Model
  • AquariusPC - Miami Model
  • Aquarius PC Computer Case - Bali Model
  • AquariusPC - Marrakech Model

Suck it, fishes! Thanks to AquariusPC, computers no longer have to gaze covetously at aquatic life, seething in envy over the cool, bubbly, pebble-smattered digs they thought they could never own. The Italian company has devised three PC cases that submerge their computers aquarium-style in 11 1/2" of neon-lit liquid sweetness. The blue Miami, green Bali, and fuchsia Marrakech reside in a mixture of pharmaceutical grade mineral oil (liquid paraffin to loyal nail salon patrons) known for its high heat conductivity, absence of electrical conductivity, and low viscosity. The liquid is also odorless and colorless, not flammable, and does not oxidize over time. Which is basically a blah, blah scientific jargon way of saying Yo. It's a fully-functional PC chillin' in a badass glowing aquarium that won't short circuit or electrocute your badass-glowing-aquarium-loving ass.

AquariusPCs have standard PC features, such as USB connectors, a Pentium 4 3.00 GHz processor, and a 250 GB hard disk. While a CD/DVD player is not included, it can be purchased separately and attached via USB. Other specs include:

  • IBM M71IX Motherboard with 2xUSB, 2xCOM, 1xLPT, and Mouse/Keyboard PS2
  • 1 GB RAM
  • C-Media CMI8738 Audio
  • Intel Pro 1000 CT Network Connection
  • 300 Watt Power Unit
  • ATI Mobility Radeon 7000 Graphics

Aquariums hold 24 liters of liquid mineral magnificence, and are fitted with AirFizz 50 ultra-silent pumps which, along with the neon lighting, can be turned off for computing in utter silence and darkness. Total size of the PC case is 16.7" tall x 7.5" wide x 11.6" deep.

Not geeked out enough on the science and technology behind the SCUBA computers? OK, answers to frequently asked questions: No. Yes. It's one of the great mysteries of the universe. I'd probably just get a 55-gallon barrel of lube instead.

Come on, it was a little bit funny.

Fine. Aquarius PCs reign supreme in computer temperature control because the heat exchange between their oily liquid and outside air, plus the convective motion of the fluid prompted by the system's fans and air pump, dissipate heat even more reliably than standard fan or liquid cooling systems. The mineral oil's few free electrons also enable it to resist current flow, preventing short-circuiting (AquariusPC honchos point out that power plant transformers often use oil as a cooling mechanism for this reason).

AquariusPC parts are fully replaceable, predicated on the use of gloves and non-jackass maneuvers, should owners want to update individual components.

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