Blockhead Side-Facing Apple Plug

Posted: October 29, 2016
Blockhead Side-Facing Apple Plug
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They named it "Blockhead," which is cute & clever because this little module is a literal block that subs in for the existing pronged head of your Apple power adapter. But what the Blockhead accomplishes is definitely no blockhead move: it modifies the adapter such that you can plug it in sideways, with the largest part of its surface pressed against the wall instead of protruding from it. This Blockhead is borderline genius!

Snap it onto your existing MacBook or iPad power adapter, and the Blockhead side plug will provide increased access for the giant Apple monstrosity to outlets in your house that are in tight spaces behind furniture or equipment, or high-traffic areas where they're likely to get bumped and knocked because they stick out, like, 8 feet from the wall.

And for me, being able to turn my circa 2012 charger sideways for plug-in means the weight of it and the degradation of its prongs (they move separately now instead of as one) might prevent the charger from sagging and kind of partially hanging out of the socket such that every once in a while I hear a bzzz, snap! sound of escaping electricity.

Blockhead modules are compatible with MacBook power adapters and 10w / 12w iPad adapters.

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