InfiniteUSB Cords

Posted: March 23, 2015
InfiniteUSB Cords
$12 - $80
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Someone had their thinking connector plugged in when they came up with InfiniteUSB cords. Can you see how swell this is? Sacrifice one of your precious laptop ports to plug in a USB and look what you've done: created another. Plug a second InfiniteUSB into that one and...get a third. A fourth. A fifty-seventh. The open chain of USB ports provides limitless options for device attachment so that you don't have to swap them out--and be shamed by your computer for disconnecting improperly--when ports are at a premium.

InfiniteUSBs also sport a magnetic design, allowing the short length of cord to fold and snap together at its ends for safe and compact storage. Cords are compatible with iOS, Android, and any other devices with USB ports. Device port ends will be available in MicroUSB, Lightning, and Female USB, each in any one of 5 colors.

InfiniteUSB cords seek Kickstarter crowdfunding through April 22, 2015.

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