Iridium Go Global Hotspot

Posted: February 08, 2014
Iridium Go Global Hotspot

A reliable satellite connection for voice and data communications anywhere in the world. 5,000 feet in the air. 500 miles offshore. Probably even in a box en route to Abu Dhabi, though that hasn't been confirmed as definite yet. Iridium self-crowns its GO! WiFi hotspot the world's first ever no-fail connection for phone and Internet service no matter where its owner lives or travels.

With an anticipated release date of Spring 2014, Iridium GO! should both simplify communication efforts for regularly out-of-range people such as pilots, boaters, truckers, and first responders, plus accommodate the irrational need to get away...but stay connected...many backcountry adventurers, vacationers, and hermits experience. Now even those who live in a van down by the river will be able to call for pizza and post regular Facebook updates.

The battery-powered WiFi hotspot is small enough to carry in a pocket, carries Apple and Android compatibility, and can connect up to 5 smartphones, laptops, or tablets within a 100' radius. Activation is as simple as flipping up the GO!'s integrated antenna and connecting to the Iridium LEO satellite constellation. While a paid voice/data plan will obviously be required for use, Iridium says it will keep its GO! packages "affordable." The device itself will be built to withstand rain, sand, dust, and rough use.

Iridium GO! supports the following global communications:

  • Voice calls
  • Email access
  • Applications
  • Social networking
  • Photo sharing
  • SMS two-way
  • GPS tracking
  • SOS alert
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