MOFT Graphene Laptop Cooling Stand

Posted: June 02, 2022
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Your focus, your drive, your QWERTY fingers, they're on fire! Make sure the laptop you're using to execute your plans for world domination isn't too with MOFT's new Cooling Stand, an ultra-thin attachment for your laptop made from super-nanomaterial graphene.

According to MOFT, graphene has a lateral heat removal effectiveness of up to 1800w/m.k, which means very little to me stated as such, but they also say this beats any other material on the green earth in conducting heat away from your laptop's surface. Graphene is also the thinnest conductive material in current existence, and as a Cooling Stand, this means it will adhere just 0.1" of thickness to the back of your laptop.

In addition to the CPU cooling properties of the laptop stand's graphene construction, an additional layer of 0.07mm thick graphene-nanocarbon-copper film, built into its contact surface layer, has air holes for more ventilation at the back. Also, the Cooling Stand has an elevated structure, able to lift and hold your computer at either a 15- or 25-degree angle, which provides even more airflow, along with the comfort of being able to position the laptop at your preferred height.

MOFT is seeking backing for its graphene laptop Cooling Stand on Kickstarter through June 28, 2022.

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