orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard & Mouse

Posted: December 30, 2014
orbiTouch Keyless Keyboard & Mouse
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Now this orbiTouch contraption looks easy to use. It's a keyless keyboard and mouse combination that requires no more effort than forgetting everything you've ever learned about the QWERTY layout and reconditioning yourself to type in slides and downward pressure. Which may be worth it if Mrs. Hinkman never taught you to type 70 words per minute in 11th grade like she did me, and therefore left you with no previously established base of Awesome.

More importantly, orbiTouch's unique, ergonomic keyboard caters to people who may know how to type, but experience discomfort and maladies, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, while doing it. It also gives those disabled by autism, cognitive challenges, cerebral palsy, limited fine motor skills, and even blindness a means of circumventing the dexterity requirements of standard keyboards, and in turn a way to interact more fully with their computers/the Internet.

The orbiTouch consists of 2 sculpted domes, one encircled by an alphabet/character ring and the other a color ring. "Typing" entails sliding to a color on the left dome and a character group on the right dome. The keyboard package comes with a software training program to help users gain speed and proficiency.

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