Seal Shield Washable & Waterproof Keyboards

Posted: April 05, 2021
Seal Shield Washable & Waterproof Keyboards

Whether you're dealing with coffee or COVID, Seal Shield washable and waterproof keyboards are the typing companions you can count on not to crack - or short circuit, or give you a disease - under pressure.

Seal Shield isn't just splashing around, taunting and barking at you from a rock jutting out of the ocean, when they call their keyboards "washable and waterproof." You can literally dump a thermos of coffee or Big Gulp of sodie on one, and then submerse it in a sink of sudsy water to clean it up. Disinfect it with Lysol wipes and bleach solutions too. While it's still plugged in. Or if you're into machine-on-machine action, throw the keyboard in the dishwasher.

In addition to people who are clumsy and those like myself who think they can just be really careful eating chips and chicken wings at their computers, Seal Shield keyboards are designed for use in hospitals and doctors' offices. The keyboards are medical-grade, treated with an antimicrobial agent that prevents microorganisms from damaging them, and again, can be doused in liquid cleaning agents and disinfectants to meet the sanitation standards of such environments.

Seal Shield keyboards in a range of styles and colors, including low profile, backlit, silicone, and wireless. A great gift for the office, even if "the office" is your WFH setup in the living room.

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