SurfEasy - Internet Privacy to Go

Posted: February 13, 2012
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Remember the good old days when a computer screen was a shield of privacy, a veil of mystery, an incognito way to surf raunchy websites and cyberstalk first loves? Well, SurfEasy is your USB-shaped DeLorean to the times of anonymous browsing and covert operations. Pop the thumb-sized tab from its plastic business card holder, plug into your Mac or PC, and once again relish the freedom to cruise the Internet without hitting blocked sites, leaving a digital trail, or worrying about what uncomfortably personal information Web Bots are gleaning from your activities.

After an initial account setup and password selection, SurfEasy use is as simple and instant as sliding the key into a USB port on any system running Max OSX version 10.6 or later; or Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. There are no complex network or proxy settings to configure, and no excruciating wait times for activation (shutdown is instant, upon key removal, too). This is a cold sweat and paranoia free device.

Once browsing begins, SurfEasy keeps your IP address hidden from all inquiring sites, including search engines, unless you want to be visible, and turn off the feature. It also overrides barricades and firewalls restricting access to certain sites, while keeping your cyber movement hidden from the likes of company networks, wifi-sniffers, and Internet service providers. It will leave no trace of your presence, or any identifying information behind. Easy, efficient, precise, no questions asked: the microchip version of Winston Wolfe.

SurfEasy was a KickStarter project for some Toronto boys who feel everyone has the right to online privacy and freedom. Even the slackers and sleazeballs. In its run on KickStarter, the product earned 5.5 times the $12,500 in funding the group sought. It has since graduated to the Buyable Commodity stage, with its own site up and chugging, and an anticipated ship date of February 20, 2012 on pre-orders.

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