Craighill Sigma Touch Tool

Posted: September 15, 2022
Craighill Sigma Touch Tool
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Hee-hee, hee-hee, I'm not touching you! Hear that, germs, bacteria, viruses, Aunt Jan? I'm not touching you! I'm Sigma Touch Tool-ing you. To protect myself and those I love from the harmful surface microbes found in bathrooms, elevators, offices, and relatives I don't like.

Maker Craighill calls their Sigma Touch tool a "timely instrument for interacting with high-touch surfaces," and boy is that a nice way of saying, "I don't want no stinkin' COVID...for the third time...and I'd like to skip the flu and that nasty winter head cold this year too...but I still want to go out and live my life, like, carefree and maybe a little reckless. And I often forget or don't feel like wearing a dorky mask, but this squiggly Sigma Touch Tool thing looks cooool, and also fits on my keychain, so I'm much more likely to use it to open doors and punch buttons, and hopefully that will be enough to keep me off a ventilator."

The Craighill Sigma Touch Tool is machined from solid brass, and named for the Greek letter it resembles. I myself think the touch tool looks more like an earthworm, but I suppose Earthworm Touch Tool doesn't really carry the level of hygiene and sanitation you'd like a piece of germ-busting EDC to communicate.

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