EverRatchet Ratchet Keychain Tool

Posted: June 05, 2018
EverRatchet Ratchet Keychain Tool
$28 - $37
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Problem fixers, EDC-aholics, and kids who just like to crank, the EverRatchet is here to vie for a spot on your keychain. The mini-tool aims to max out its skills with a dynamic ratcheting beam, which allows for continual movement, rather than lifting and resetting it after each turn.

The EverRatchet dynamic ratcheting beam stays rigid when you're rotating its (included and embedded) #2 DeWalt Phillips Bit, but once you reset the tool it flexes to facilitate tool rotation around the bit. The feature may come in handy more often than you'd think, especially when you're dealing with tight spaces, low lighting, or an obstructed view.

The EverRatchet is cranking its way towards becoming Brian Filko and Gear Infusion's 5th successful crowdfunding campaign (see the Key Titan for a previous example of his work). The tool will be cut from your choice of a solid sheet of stainless steel or titanium and, in addition to the 1/4" ratchet, will also include a built-in fire flint, pry bar, 7 wrenches, bottle & box opener, and scraper.

To read more about the EverRatchet, and pledge for one of your own, click here to head over to its IndieGoGo campaign.

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