Aero Ti Titanium Chopsticks

Posted: August 27, 2013
Aero Ti Titanium Chopsticks
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Aero Ti creators Eighty Eight Industry went aerodynamic with their chopsticks after studying the physiology of holding typical round, square, and octagonal shapes. When the hand's three fingers merge to grip a pair, they create a natural triangular gap. Using the gap as a foundation, Aero Ti found further utensil inspiration from the streamlined curvature of airplanes, and the three-sided design was born. The chopsticks' titanium component emerged from the company's desire to make their product sturdy and reusable, yet also light enough that fingers less ripped from dominating Bioshock Infinite than mine could grip and manipulate them.

Also I imagine the combination of aerodynamic properties and a titanium composition makes Aero Ti chopsticks way better projectiles than the wood and stainless steel kind. A little Sriracha on the tip, a little hand-eye coordination, and just like that, it's nighty-night, Cornelius.

Aero Ti Types 1 and 2 chopsticks are machined from unalloyed TA2 titanium. Type 1 uses a solid design over its roughly 9-1/2", and weighs about 1.7 ounces, while Type 2s incorporate the skeletal structure of airplane wings with some angled cuts at the top third of the chopsticks to enhance grip and reduce weight to 1.6 ounces.

Aero Ti runs as a Kickstarter campaign through October 6, 2013.

December 2013 Update: Aero Ti exceeded its crowdfunding goal and will be available for direct purchase through the Eighty Eight Industry website--follow the link below.

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