Aromafork Food Flavor Doubler

Posted: March 25, 2014
Aromafork Food Flavor Doubler
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Promoting an enhanced eating experience, Molecule-R's Aromafork engages a set of 21 different aromas to involve your nose more directly in the tasting process. Foodies will be able to add an olfactive flavor such as basil, jalapeno, truffle, or chocolate to a small chamber at the base of the fork's handle, and seamlessly roll its effect into an entirely different bite of food.

While human palates can recognize just 5 primary tastes, olfactory receptors have the ability to distinguish numerous, more subtle flavors in their aromatic form. Aromafork adds a flow of designated aromas to each bite of food, and as they hit the back of your palate your brain interprets them as tastes. In essence, Aromafork doubles the number of flavors your brain can analyze per round of Here Comes the Airplane! Double the flavor. You know what that means: double the fun. All that's missing are some hot blonde twins in tennis outfits.

The Aromafork kit's 21 liquid flavors are divided into 6 categories, and include the following:

  • Bean aromas: chocolate; coffee; and vanilla.
  • Fruit aromas: banana; lychee; passion fruit; and strawberry.
  • Herb aromas: basil; cilantro; and mint.
  • Nut aromas: almond; coconut; and peanut.
  • Spice aromas: cinnamon; ginger; jalapeno; and wasabi.
  • Umami aromas: butter; olive oil; smoke; and truffle.

In addition to the aroma vials, Aromafork flavor doubler kits will come with 4 Aromaforks, 4 eyedroppers for depositing the aromas, 50 diffusing papers, and 1 multi-sensory evening program. I have no clue what that last thing is, but in my mind a multi-sensory evening program should unfold as a fine meal followed by a fine few rounds in the bedroom. Or at least a hand job.

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