Basketball Bottle Opener with Cap Collector Net

Posted: September 04, 2020
Basketball Bottle Opener with Cap Collector Net
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As strange as it may be for basketball fans to be watching the NBA playoffs heading into fall, using a Basketball Bottle Opener to crack open the beers they'll enjoy while doing so - plus catch the bottle caps in a sealed-off hoop and net below - should feel right as rain any time of the year.

The Basketball Bottle Opener has a magnetic backing for instant installation on the fridge or other receptive surface. The magnets are strong enough to hold the board and ball in place during opening, so you can fly in one-handed on every shot. The set also includes a pair of adhesive squares if you prefer wall-mounting the hoop.

A no-fail beer gift for basketball fans, the Basketball Bottle Opener is made of a solid wood base, with a zinc alloy ball-shaped opener and hoop rim. Dimensions are 7.8" long x 3.2" wide.

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