Beef Jerky Gun

Posted: November 02, 2012
Beef Jerky Gun
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Which came first, the Weston Jerky Gun or the Sushi Bazooka? Squirted meat or squirted fish and rice? Conundrum, conundrum, we may never know. But, praise be to Zeus, like chickens and eggs, my stomach approves with fervor of both beef jerky and California rolls, so the age-old debate really has no bearing on my peace of mind.

Weston's Jerky Gun Jr.--a version of their original that accommodates smaller batches of mouth-pleasing dehydrated meat--allows for the residential forging of jerky with its four stainless steel nozzles, precise pistol grip, and tubular barrel that will forever remind me of the SNL Black Caulk skit. Swappable nozzles include a round 1/2" diameter attachment for snack stick formation--mmm, homemade Slim Jims--a 1/8" x 3/4" piece for streaming single strips, a dual round 1/2" nozzle for double snack-sticking, and a dual 1/8" x 3/4" for tag teamming strip output.

The Jerky Gun Jr. can hold up to 1 pound of raw, bloody meat. To find out what you do after loading and exploding the meat onto a flat, non-stick surface, check out the Jerky Gun usage and care guide.

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