Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler

Posted: June 09, 2017
Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler
$67 - $117
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The Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler is a smaller, simpler, and much cheaper version of a design I first saw in the eCool cooler. The Biersafe removes some of the nifty engineering of the eCool - like, instead of using a hand crank and conveyor belt to access your brews, you lift the whole rack of them out of the Biersafe chamber - but still operates under the same basic principle of Cold Ground = Cold Beer. No electricity needed.

Also, while the eCool was made to store cans, the Beirsafe is better suited to bottles. The Classic version can hold 16 of them in its aluminum cage frame, and the Little Brother sends up to 8 below grade. Both have a lifting handle, integrated cast iron bottle opener, and top-catching magnet.

To install the Biersafe Classic you'll need at least 45" of dirt in your backyard (or the planting strip outside your office) and for the Little Brother at least 24".

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