Bowling Pin Salt & Pepper Grinders

Posted: March 29, 2014
Bowling Pin Salt & Pepper Grinders
$65 - $120
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There's a dude named Tom in Oregon. When he's not teaching band to 4th and 5th graders, the dude is turning bowling pins into salt and pepper grinders. Look at that. They're an inventive, yet almost natural and called-for marriage of phallic shapes. This dude approves. Dollars to donuts white Russians, this dude approves too.

Tom originally came up with the idea to combine bowling and food seasoning while brainstorming gift ideas for a friend. He wanted to "take something instantly recognizable and change the function but not the shape." Pepper Pins--now also available in Salt Pins--begin as genuine, American-made bowling pins. But rather than transitioning into a life of repeated takedowns and concussions at the hands of dense resin balls, these pins get their insides gutted and retrofitted with stainless steel grinders or ceramic crushing mechanisms. Pin pepper mills use the stainless steel insides, which also include an adjustment knob for setting grind coarseness. Salt Pins opt for the crushing method of flavor enhancement distribution.

Both types of pins stand 15" tall and weigh about 3 pounds. So yeah, like bowling itself, bowling pin salt and pepper grinders are not for the weak of wrist and forearm. Each version comes in white, black, and natural wood styles.

Muchas danke to Matt A. for the Dude Product Tip.

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