Cereal Killer Bowl

Posted: October 11, 2017
Cereal Killer Bowl
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Decimate the Froot Loops, eradicate the Frosted Flakes, eliminate all traces of Trix with the Cereal Killer Bowl. Those Charms may be Lucky before the box is opened, but once once they hit your Dexter-approved bowl, it's all over.

Lenny Mud turns breakfast time into carbs' last stand with these handmade ceramic Cereal Killer Bowls. All come from the artist's New Jersey studio, where she shapes them from earthenware and fires them twice in a clay kiln. Bowls have a gloss white glaze and bright red splatters, no two patterns of which are alike. Just like crime scenes. In the bottom of every bowl is the outline of a spoon and the words "Cereal Killer" in case anyone too literal gets a load of your dishes and starts to reconsider joining you for some Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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