Death Star Waffle Iron

Posted: November 03, 2015
Death Star Waffle Iron
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Want to know another way to destroy a Death Star? Douse it in syrup and set it in front of my hungry face. If you love waffles and you love Star Wars, or even if you just like one of the two, or even if you just kind of crave one every once in a while, like for Sunday brunch or to cure a wicked hangover, may I present...The Death Star Waffle Iron! Where normal waffle makers house non-stick stainless steel plates with protruding pyramids to form your deliciouscrunchychewyglutenrich syrup receptacles, the Death Star waffle maker houses non-stick quadanium steel plates with protruding sectors, an equatorial trench, and a superlaser lens. Use it with your Darth Vader toaster to concoct the Darkest of all breakfasts, or just sit the two side-by-side on your countertop to ensure no corner of your home is bereft of Star Wars collectibles.

The Death Star Waffle Iron is a top Dude Gift for a Geek pick.

Are the doughy Death Stars you seek sold out? ThinkGeek sells a slightly different version of the deliciously destructive waffle maker here.

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