FinalStraw - Collapsible, Reusable Straw

Posted: April 28, 2018
FinalStraw - Collapsible, Reusable Straw
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Collapsible, reusable, easy to clean. It's the Final Straw for single-use tubular plastic polluters everywhere.

Plastic straws are some of the most environmentally unsafe everyday products we use. They cannot be recycled, and they don't decompose. What they can and do do: trash up our cities and parks, and attack our beaches and oceans. The Final Straw team points out that Americans alone use 500 million plastic straws a day.

In an effort to curb the waste, and also to make a piece of EDC that is "totally badass," Emma Cohen, Miles Pepper, and Jessica Girard created The Final Straw. Made of triple-jointed stainless steel, The Final Straw folds to fit into a keychain-sized recycled ABS carrier for access whenever you need it. The straw's interior tubing material is medical-grade TPE for drinking as safe for you as a reusable straw is for the earth.

The Final Straw also comes with a cleaning squeegee, which tucks inside the case too. Total weight of toting your own drinking chute: 2.8 ounces.

The Final Straw completed a very successful crowfunding campaign on Kickstarter in May 2018, and is now available for direct purchase on Amazon.

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