Fizzics Beer System - Draft Taste from a Can

Posted: January 21, 2016
Fizzics Beer System - Draft Taste from a Can
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The Fizzics Beer System promises fresh draft taste from any store-bought can or bottle. On boy, I can hardly wait to find out what it's going to do to my already precious BLLs. According to its makers, "The Fizzics System is built to stimulate all 5 of your senses to deliver a sublime beer experience and sensory fusion." Whoa, I hope the beer you like to drink lives up to those expectations as I'm sure mine will. Fizzics accomplishes its cinco sense celebration pretty simply: place any can, bottle, or growler (up to 64 ounces) in the unit, insert the long tube, and close the lid. Your beer pours through a tap handle just like it would at the bar and, if Fizzics has its physics right, emerges with a perfectly foamy head, aromatic bouquet, enhanced mouthfeel, and dreamy visuals.

Fizzics uses patent-pending fluid and gas technology to enhance beer, and requires no separate CO2 or Nitro canisters to achieve its perfect pours. The company says any style of beer, from lagers to Hefs to stouts, is a worthy subject for the Fizzics System, and the machine does not discriminate between expensive and cheap buys. Ahhh, I see one more joyous addition to my Super Bowl 50 party in my future.

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