Flowering Penis Coffee Mug

Posted: August 10, 2017
Flowering Penis Coffee Mugs
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For all the ladies (and fellas!) who count floral patterns and penises amongst their favorite things, have I got a mug of a gift for you. Clothing and accessory brand HUMAN goes for a very anatomical part of being one here with their flowering penis coffee mug. Look closely, it's a cock-tical illusion!

A big 15-ouncer with a large handle for easy gripping, the physical specs of this mug fit right in with its decorative theme. I wonder if giving your buddy one for a few sips before pointing out all the flowering penises on it would produce that fantastic TV trope of "Guy drinking coffee gets unexpected surprise and spits coffee everywhere."

Cornelius! Want me to make you a dark chocolate mocha with extra Reddi-wip on top?

HUMAN's white-elephant-party-ready floral penis patterned mugs come in 5 different colors, plus rainbow. If you're looking for a more blatant, or offensive, gag gift, check out the Wobbling Willy.

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