Frank Lloyd Wright Absorbent Stone Coasters

Posted: July 18, 2020
Frank Lloyd Wright Absorbent Stone Coasters
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While Frank Lloyd Wright was a brilliant designer and an icon in the world of architecture, I have heard from an architect or two that his creative vision often overshadowed his interest in technical design, particularly when it came to water intrusion. In other words, a lot of his buildings leak.

And, at least for the Frank Lloyd Wright series stone coasters, that's where CoasterStone picks up the baton. Featuring a range of Wright's (often lesser known) art glass, window, and graphic designs these stone coasters are liquid-absorbent so your tabletops don't end up covered in rings, stains, drops, and other ruinous marks.

The FLW coasters are made with a top slab of soapstone, and lined on the back with a layer of cork to protect your furniture from scratches as well. Overall they are 1/4" thick, and come in sets of 4. The featured set in the image above includes some of Wright's multi-colored art glass designs.

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