HeadLimes Clip-On Citrus Squeezers

Posted: September 03, 2019
HeadLimes Clip-On Citrus Squeezers
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HeadLimes, citrus squeezers you can clip onto your beverage bottle, glass, or plastic cup, seem like they could make a Top 20 list of the year's most unnecessary inventions. Is it really that hard to use your fingers to squeeze a wedge of lemon or lime into your drink? More importantly will using a plastic lime, gator, or football to do it really make the process easier, or just more awkward, and likely to result in dropped citrus and foul squirts?

I guess HeadLimes has a few target audiences though: partygoers and tailgaters, especially those into football, and especially those into Florida Gators athletics; and people with a lot of cuts and open wounds on their fingers.

If you want to make HeadLimes part of your essential tailgating gear, you can buy the clip-on citrus squeezers in packs of 8, either all limes / gators / footballs, or as a combo pack.

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