Heated Chip & Dip Tray

Posted: January 08, 2016
Heated Chip & Dip Tray
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Yeah I want some heated queso. That stays heated from dip 1 to dip 100. And now that you mention it, I would be amenable to some peripherally warm tortilla chips too. Why is the Heated Chip & Dip tray not a staple at all parties? In all homes? At every meal? One place you are most 100% definitely going to see it is at my Super Bowl 50 party. Five decades of football championships, meet 5 hours of steamy, oozy, clump-free cheddar and pepper jack. I'm ringing in this quinquagenary* right.

The Heated Chip & Dip tray includes a partitioned melamine dish and stoneware crock, the latter of which sits over a heating base. The base plugs into any 110v outlet. For cold apps, you can also remove the base and place the temperature-absorbing crock in the fridge or freezer prior to serving.

*Yes, "quinquagenary" is an actual term for a 50th anniversary. Yes, I Googled, "What is a 50th anniversary called?" while I was writing this post.

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