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Posted: August 01, 2015
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The Imperial Spherificator. Sounds like something you'd find alongside Mega Maid in Lord Dark Helmet's cache of planet-destroying weapons. But in fact, this superbly named device isn't meant for destruction or Mel Brooks parodies at all. The Imperial Spherificator is meant for your kitchen, and for turning nearly any food you throw at it into delicate and pristine little...balls.

Foodies, kids, geeks, people who love Dippin' Dots, here's your chance to own the world's only automatic caviar and pearl making device. The Imperial Spherificator is the brainchild of a small company out of Montreal that already makes a seaweed-based caviar substitute called Kelp Caviar. Having perfected the process of turning stringy ocean weeds into perfect spheres, I guess they figured they could replicate the process with just about anything. And they also figured, rightly so given that their Kickstarter campaign has well exceeded its funding goal, home chefs might like to do the same with their own ingredients.

Spherification is possible for anything from raw tomatoes to coffee to Tabasco sauce. The Imperial Spherificator itself is a handheld device that molds and pumps out tiny pearls from (ideally) raw ingredients or (acceptably) commercially available products fed into its top. Some foods will need to be diluted to reduce their acidity, and all will require the addition of seaweed extract to help solidify the balls and hold their structure. All caviar makers will include a basic recipe to get the balls rolling.

Pledge for your Imperial Spherificator on Kickstarter through August 21, 2015.

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