Liquid Body Flasks

Posted: June 07, 2019
Liquid Body Flasks
$47.80 - $52.58
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A flask on the outside that looks like what's on the inside. Liquid Body Flasks are an award-winning booze carrier design from Brooklyn studio The Principals. They don't so much look like they're defying their assigned state of matter as they do their assigned solidity. The Liquid liquor luggers appear to be soft and flexible like a plastic pouch, but are in fact made of stainless steel.

The Principals achieved the Liquid Flask shape through hydroforming - welding together 2 sheets of stainless steel, and then inflating them with water pressure. Hence the "Liquid" name. Each flask, available in stainless, glossy white, and matte black, is slightly different due to the inability of The Principals to control water as well as Moses.

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