Mickey Mouse Chocolate Fountain

Posted: September 18, 2018
Mickey Mouse Chocolate Fountain
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Oh Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you...got any more pound cake for me to hold under your torso of cascading liquid chocolate?

Most people who buy the Mickey Mouse Chocolate Fountain talk about it as a gift for a kid, or kid's birthday party attraction, but that narrow mindset can suck my Disney. Chocolate Mickey, with his big Mickey ears and his dapper red Mickey britches, is ready to hit up dessert bars in the adult world too. Costume-y enough for a Halloween party. Indulgent enough for Thanksgiving dinner. Festive enough for Christmas Eve.

Fully assembled, the Mickey Mouse Chocolate Fountain stands about 15" high, and has a 24-ounce capacity for dark liquid love. Note: You dark liquid won't run so lovely if you don't melt the chocolate completely and thin it down with vegetable or coconut oil before adding it to the fountain.

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