Minimal Precision Hand Coffee Grinder

Posted: September 16, 2021
Minimal Precision Hand Coffee Grinder
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Wait, I have to do all the work myself, and you cost how much, Minimal Precision Hand Coffee Grinder? I feel a hand cramp and some buyer's remorse coming on.

Despite the name of its maker - Minimal - and the ethos behind its maker's designs - minimalist - the Precision Coffee Grinder endeavors to function at a level of utmost sophistication level, and sacrifice nothing along the way towards turning coffee beans into the perfect cup of coffee. Hot or cold brew. Drip machine or French press. Pour-over, siphon, AeroPress - Minimal says their grinder can grind with them all, thanks to a 40mm stainless steel conical burr and an ultra- precise coarseness adjustment system.

The Precision Coffee Grinder adjusts via an "infinitely step-less design" controlled by a dial on top. Minimal says its placement and operation allow for tweaking your coarseness during grinding, and "could achieve theoretically the finest adjustment." I quoted that last bit verbatim because I don't quite understand what it means. Hoping it's a coffee geek sentiment that any coffee geeks reading this will understand.

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