MiniPresso Espresso Maker

Posted: October 11, 2016
MiniPresso Espresso Maker
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It's just like squeezing out the mustard. Or the honey. Or the shampoo. Except on the other side of your MiniPresso grip strength action lies a fresh pour of pure pick-me-up espresso, rather than a fat blob of condiment, sweetener, or hair product. The MiniPresso is a super compact espresso machine ready to hit you with its best shot wherever you go.

The MiniPresso uses a semi-automatic piston, controlled by your own mighty fingers, to inject small spurts of water into its coffee adapter (the model shown here accepts fresh ground coffee; others take Nespresso or Caffitaly pods.) A few pushes raises the percolator's pressure to around 116 PSI, or 8 bars, or, according to MiniPresso maker Wacaco Company, the optimal pressure for rich, bold espresso.

MiniPresso operation requires no compressed air, N2O cartridges, electricity, or batteries. It's all boiling water and chicken choking, dude. The travel-friendly machine produces 2.35 ounces of espresso per pour, based on its standard water tank attachment. You can also purchase different capacity tanks to make ristretto or caffe lungo shots. MiniPresso overall length is 6.89", and empty weight is 0.8 pounds.

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