Morning Wood Bamboo Travel Mug

Posted: July 10, 2019
Morning Wood Bamboo Travel Mug
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Ah, Morning Wood to help the rest of you feel as wakey, wakey as your morning wood. Props to the travel mug for its resourcefulness both in incorporating eco-friendly bamboo as a hot / cold drink insulator, and in giving the resultant thermos a name both representative and chuckle-worthy enough to make Morning Wood bamboo travel mugs the perfect gifts for men.

Well, at least men who enjoy drinking on-the-go, and haven't yet lost the ability to get an erection.

The 16-ounce Morning Wood travel mug is made from recycled 18/8 stainless steel that's been hand-wrapped with a layer of bamboo for insulation. Tumblers also come with a quick-seal, pressure fit lid with open / close slider. The Morning Wood stamp of authenticity and hilarity is "tattooed" on with a fiber optic CO2 laser so the words and image (a bearded hipster in wayfarers, naturally) show up deep, precise, and permanent.

For those who came here hoping to read about a different kind of morning wood, don't leave disappointed! I've got you covered too with the How to Pee with Morning Wood poster.

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