My MUG Indestructible Ceramic Coffee Mug

Posted: November 02, 2017
My MUG Indestructible Ceramic Coffee Mug
$15 - $24
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Knock a My MUG off the counter and you might be cleaning up some liquid, but your solid form of matter will stay intact. Made to feel like ceramic in the hand, but behave like titanium when that hand is a wee bit clumsy, the My MUG is a virtually indestructible way to enjoy your cup of coffee, tea, or Ramen.

Creators Making Modern have tested their My MUGs against the likes of cliffs and cars, and while throwing them off and running them over resulted in some dents and scars, they claim the cups did not break. Couple that with the My MUG minimalist, ergonomic, and insulated design, and you might be looking at the perfect gift for the coffee-loving hipster hiker on your list this year. Or your dad. He'd probably like one too.

My MUG, currently seeking crowdfunding, comes in 4-, 8-, 12-, and 16-ounce sizes. All include a lid. The (virtually) indestructible mug also stands up to hot and cold temperatures; preheat or put it in the freezer before filling to max out its insulating properties.

Pledge for a My MUG on Kickstarter through November 17, 2017. Making Modern says they'll fulfill pledges for 12-ounce My MUGs by December 15.

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