Obol - No More Soggy Cereal Bowl

Posted: April 22, 2014
Obol No More Soggy Cereal Bowl
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According to the Obol, the Obol has changed the way we enjoy cereal. According to the Obol Girl, this means one can take a bite of Frosted Flakes and then go try on many delightful and short sundresses and then come back and take another bite of Frosted Flakes without suffering the oral tactile experience of a delicious spoonful of delicate sugar-laden crisps devolving into a bloated mass of sugar-laden mush. Apparently, this advancement is so revolutionary that Obol has registered a trademark not only on the word "Obol", but also on the words "Swoop & Scoop", which represent the Obol method of cereal consumption.

Milk in the deep dish, flakes / balls / Os in the shallow dish, and your hand in the textured, non-slip grip underneath lend to any style of Obol munching from steady, systematic shoveling to slow and controlled over the course of crafting an email to your ex-girlfriend about how if there is one more charge on your credit card from Lululemon, the Botox Salon, or Match.com, you're going to print and post I Have Herpes Support Group signs with her name phone number on them all over her neighborhood.

In addition to crunchy cereal enthusiasts, Obol also serves well eaters of soup and crackers, chips and dip, and milk and cookies.

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