Prep'd Pack Modular Lunchbox

Posted: July 11, 2017
Prepd Pack Modular Lunchbox

The Prep'd Pack lunchbox combines the efficiency and organization of a bento box with America's - or at least my - love of Tupperware. The best, best part of visiting my mama's house is opening her fridge and exploring the endless stacks of containers piled inside it. Peeking under their lids, discovering what leftover treasures await me inside. (Admission: sometimes it's mold and nasal assault.)

Prep'd Pack's lunchbox adds a modern twist to these bastions of food storage, accommodating them as modules with multiple possible configurations within its bamboo and "precision engineered" polymer walls. Prep'd Containers, available in small, medium, and large sizes, mix and fit perfectly within the Prep'd case to accommodate your appetite, or the self-restraint you're showing in the face of it, from day to day. Use the containers to add a couple of snacks with your main, control portions, or separate foods you don't want to co-mingle until they're in your belly.

Once the containers are tucked inside, the Prep'd Pack's lid folds over to seal it shut for briefcase-style carrying. During lunch, the lid also serves as a placemat / eating surface, and comes with a pair of chopsticks secured with a silicone loop inside.

The standard Prep'd Pack includes 1 x large and 2 x small containers, with additional Prep'd Containers available for purchase here.

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